Want A Great Haircut, that’s iconically you?

Giving you the best haircut in Brisbane at Togninis Hair Salon.

From contemporary long haircuts with luscious layers, short crops to fringes, and tight curls, Togninis’ has made a name for itself as one of Brisbane’s best hairstylists experts at cutting hair for all types and styles.

Why Choose Us?

Over our 30 year history, we’ve led the way in creating award-winning cuts.

In fact, we’re one of Australia’s most award-winning salons for master cutting and styling!

This includes one of our owners, Jules Tognini, who’s been named Master Cutter more than three times.

Our motto is great haircut should require minimal styling effort!

So whether you book with our industry-leading premier and senior stylists, or with our young stylists trained by the best in the business, our diverse team are skilled in cutting all styles, hair types and face shapes, with the leading tools and techniques, and do it with creativity and passion for your ultimate haircut.

And every haircut has a complimentary one-on-one consultation to determine your ideal styling needs!

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Ladies cuts


Curly hair cuts - Brisbane’s best curly hair salon

Are you after a hairdresser who specialises in curly hair in Brisbane?

We specialise in curly hair - large or small, tight or loose - we’ve been mastering curls for over 30 years (in fact we come from a long line of curly-haired folk!)

We also make sure to share with you our optimal curl hydration treatments.

We use and sell Evo products, which work wonders on your locks but are also kind to the environment. That's why there are no Parabens, Sulphates, DEA, TEA or Propylene Glycol in their formulations.

It's also why all ingredients are active - meaning you'll only ever get claims that actually work and are trusted by hairdressers the world over.

So if you’ve been searching for a “hairdresser specialising in curly hair near me”, you’ve come to the right place!

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Men’s Cuts

Togninis Hair Salon is Brisbane’s best destination for men’s cuts.

Founded as a family business by leading hairstylist Benni Toginini over 30 years ago and carried on by brothers Jules and Kristian Tognini, the Togninis team have always believed men’s hair should be iconic, stylish and playful to suit every person.

So whether you’re after a refined classic men’s cut, or you’re ready to rock a contemporary “mullet” sported by your sporting heroes, our team of experienced stylists are here to tailor an iconic style just right for you.

Our stylist’s experience and skill ensure each service is uniquely tailored to your expectations, lifestyle, face shape and style requirements.

Our hairstylists across Brisbane are industry leaders, specialising in multiple cutting techniques.







Sometimes your hair needs some extra lovin’ which strengthening or smoothening treatments can help fix. Between heating tools, constant sun exposure, colour or even chlorine and salt water can sometimes strip some of the moisture and protein away. This can cause hair to become dull, frizzy or intensify breakage.

Togninis Hair Salon understands that all hair is different and our stylist personalise your hair treatment based on your individual needs - that's why Togninis Hair is the best hair salon in Brisbane! Our award winning stylists have immense experience with all hair types, which means you can rest easy when you sit in a Togninis Hair chair.

The right hair treatment for your hair can boost your confidence and restore your hair to original beauty and strength. With many hair treatments in Brisbane to choose from, Togninis luxe hair treatments both in-salon or from our shop can help bring your hair back to life.

Some of the products we use and sell are:

Keratin: Plays a key role in hair growth, hair revival, and general hair health.

Ola Plex: The cult favourite and for good reason. Their products repairs and rebuilds the bonds present in our hair strands. This creates stronger and healthier looking hair which helps resist breakage or damage.

Kerastase:  Is known for the way the treatment truly transforms your hair to give you that salon-quality look and feel at home.

Evo: Aussie hair brand gone global known for their pure ingredients which truly put performance, people and the planet first.

All these products we love predominantly rely on vitamins and minerals to truly replenish your hair from the outside in.


Keep up with the latest hairstyles with our award winning stylists. We offer students prices* for cuts and 10% off salon services…


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